Being Engaged in a Disengaged World.

I like to be read to, see Adam reading to me in the morning before our walk! It is one of my favorite ways to spend time with him and connect. He isn't as excited about it as I usually am, but he knows that it's a intimate way to engage with me. Call me a nerd, but I really do feel much value in it.

One of the ways we enjoy engaging with our girls is by going on a walk. We show Selah the water, the birds, and run around with her on our shoulders. We do cartwheels and stair climbs while singing "I Can Show You the World" as loud as we can; and as you can tell she loves it. 

Engagement is about being present. 

Even when there is a meltdown; instead of doing what I can to appease those threenager emotions (I tell you three is an interesting age) and or write them off and get them to "just stop,"  I engage. I engage with her emotions and allow her to have them. Sometimes asking her questions, sometimes just listening to her perspective. Engagement says "you are more important than anything else at this moment, and I am here for you." 

 But please do not confuse engagement with entitlement. Even though I am a SAHM, this doesn't mean my girls get every second of my day just lavished on them. Cultivating entitlement is not on my agenda. They know life doesn't revolve around them, I am their mom, not their entertainer. Time is something we are to steward wisely and well, it is a gift not to be taken for granted. 

True engagement is making the most of the moment you have, not giving every moment away. I know I desire for both of my girls to remember a mother who was with them, really with them; body, soul, and mind. A mother who allowed them to feel pain, frustration, and sorrow while celebrating their joys, accomplishments, and discoveries. A mother who was present, connected, and there. 

We had so much fun on this walk. I really am finding extraordinary beauty, in these ordinary moments. 

How do you like to engage with your family? 


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