Dear 13 Year Old Me

Dear 13 year old me.

The older you get the more confident you will feel.

Your getting close to 29, life is full of heartache and pain but don't give up, for pain is what makes life worth living.

God will ground you, your community love you, and you will be illuminated to the truth which is this; real beauty resides in your character, not your curves.

Attractiveness resides within the depths of your heart, not in how "hott" you are.

You are not meat, you are a women.

You are strong and courageous so don't you dare shrink back.

A lot of people aren't going to like you, and that is ok.

People are not God. Let that one go.

Your hard to get to know and often misunderstood, can I give you some advice?

Let people in to your inquisitive world.

And don't belittle yourself to believe you are "dumb."

For it is your intelligence and altruistic passions that embody who you really are.

Until next time.




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