You Go Glen Coco

Happy Fourth of July! 

I have to admit, my affection for all things glamorous and glittering has always existed. Wether kept private amid the four walls I call home or wholeheartedly liberated in the concrete jungle, creatively styling my personal taste resides deep within. It wasn't until recently I gleaned the confidence and security to lean on the wild side and be "different," at least for a PNW Girl. Which has its own set of labels and stigma's that can so easily crush the fashionista genius within. 

You see, being Alaskan in the 90's meant glamorous fashion was non-existent. Our fashion consisted of hip-waiters and sweatshirts or down skirts and Sorrels. Wearing dresses and heels was asking for pestering taunts. But I had a thing for dresses - I always have. 

When I was little I would stealthily seize my dad's skinny ties to use as belts over his Mac Tools t-shirts that pooled at my toes or would twirl in my mothers beaded pageant gowns pretending I was in a show. Although, I swore by my Adidas and dense hot pink leggings while gutting the Coho's or collecting the syrupy golden sap off the Sitka Spruce Pines. Pretty diverse tastes I know - draping gowns and sporty kicks. But even to this day my wardrobe remains a kaleidoscope of these two styles: athleisure lines and feminine frocks. 

But owning my style and embracing my variegated tastes wasn't integrated into my being until my mid 20's. And it is still something I conjure courage towards. Like the rest of humanity, insecurities and setbacks withheld the liberations to freely express the fashionista within. From being teased at school to having boyfriends criticize the outfit I selected, the desire to dress up grew ever so dim. At one point, I even had a boyfriends mother sum up my creative existence in a mere five words... "She's like an orphaned stripper." 

Although that deeply wounded my creative release and bold assertions in the fashion department,

even if that were true - strippers need compassion too. 

It was then I realized that fashion really is something personal. It can define who we are and dictate how we feel. It is something that allows us to individually express our uniqueness, which should be unequivocally embraced, not condemned. Because trends come and go but wearing what we love - what reflects who we are, makes us original. 

Fashion for each person is meant to be diverse because humans are diverse, I am a dress enthusiast and legging lover. I might not swear by jeans or post pretty tops, but if you like those, then - "You go Glen Coco!" Let's celebrate all shapes and styles, colors and tastes. Let's be a community that cultivates personal style and encourages personal growth. Thus, let fashion reign, uniqueness endure, and creativity flow. 





    • KaylaNicholeReid
      July 9, 2017 / 7:13 pm

      Your welcome! 💜

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